About me


AfsanaMy name is Afsana Multani. I was born and bought up in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. I am currently in Ahmedabad.

I’m an Artist by hobby and WordPress enthusiast. I started my career with design and paintings, I’ve worked as a front-end developer. I also do canvas painting. I love to add colors to my dreams, it always is colorful, magical and lives. I love to work with colors and creating Art.

Many of my lifelong learning, success, failure, inspirations, and motivations are my strong/best days. Because of all this positive or negative experience, I get myself to remain active on every escalations/ challenge.

I learn, try, I fell down, I get up again and work as harder as possible to achieve my goal.
I grow by times, self-taught and self-learn, I readily adopt new skills and always ready to face challenges. I admire one thing, there is nothing impossible until you; yourself accept its impossible.

Work Experience

Customer Support Executive – current

After joining a few WordCamps and Meetups, I inspire enormously with WordPress. I want to learn further and contribute to the community. I started exploring the methods, and get familiar with Dashboard, understand the plugins, themes, and how it works.

I started my job in early 2017, in Ahmedabad, as a Customer Support Executive at DotStore. I help people with DotStore products, primarily WooCommerce. I support them via Live chat and email tickets. I gradually learn and understand the customer’s query and help to solve them by providing better solutions.

My early contact with WordPress

I worked with WordPress before, but not as working now. I was unaware of the vast community with organizing Meetups, WordCamps. But, when I came to know how people work with the community, I totally amazed. 🙂 I never thought of such a great start with WordPress. So I decided to take this opportunity to explore, learn and working with plugins and themes.

I learn how to set up a website in WordPress with MAMP and online WordPress.com site. We are here 🙂 It’s easy to understand and easy to use. If you are new to the internet and want to go online, go to WordPress for your personal blog or an e-commerce store.

I impressed so much and get a chance to join WordCamps, WCMeetups and meeting with people.


First WordCamp which I attended was WCUdaipur January 2017, and if I could not make it visit WC, then I definitely go for WCMeetups.

In Ahmedabad, We team of WordPress lover – organize WCMeetups ones in every month. And with new topics every time, that helps to grow and increase knowledge on WordPress even better.

Gradually I sharpen my skill more on WordPress, I took an opportunity to be a part of WordCamp, and when we organized WCAhmedabad 2017 for the first time in Gujarat, it was terrific. I attended as a Volunteer, and I was assigned Creative part, decorating Selfie Booth, and I was there whenever need helps. I enjoyed a lot to be a part of a community.

This year, I am going to attend as a volunteer at WCEU 2018, if anyone is around, please contact me, I would be happy to meet you. 🙂

Early job experience

I am a self-taught artist and web-designer. I’ve never gone to the institute or any universities. I am a happy learner and will never stop learning in life.

My experience as a web-designer was excellent. I learn and research from the internet and some learning from my colleagues, I developed the necessary skills like HTML5, CSS3 and working with responsive design in early 2012. I’ve improved and worked for more than 2 years and was accomplished by my team.

Which online site was best for me?

I proudly mention here – W3 school. The school helps us with every small thing that is important for web designers. I found this so exciting and easy to learn.

Parallelly I started learning photoshop and CorelDraw, work with few designing websites. I also work as a freelancer in photo editing and learn a lot.

I left my company in late 2014, to start my studio called AKSA. Which secretly inspiring me to follow my childhood hobby.

Art Studio

I started in early 2014:

AKSA,  Afsana’s Kreative Studio of Art.

I enjoy sharing knowledge, whatever I know. I help students as well as adults to inspire them to learn new and easy techniques for creating Art.

I started at home, and within a few months, we moved to the new class and followed my dream of teaching art.

It inspires me a lot. I work and explore my knowledge of canvas paintings and participated in several exhibitions in Gujarat.

I am still working and teach students on weekends, and for the day job, I am a customer support executive at DotStore that is initiated by MULTIDOTS.

Volunteer in WordPress

Before some time, I came to know about volunteers contributing to forums, I started looking forums at WordPress.com and WordPress.org site. Sometimes I only review forums to understand the customer’s requirements and read how volunteers are responding to that query. I am still learning and gradually progressing with my work.

Books in 2018

Here’s my early starting of the year 2018 – and more to come. I find myself refreshing to go with multi-books on a track…

list – More to come………….

In my personal life, I am an active and happy person looking for the opportunity to go out and explore the beautiful world. I like doing things like trekking, riding a motorcycle/car, climbing a mountain, and traveling. I love being with lovely jolly people.

Besides this, playing outdoor/indoor games; my all-time favorite activity – volleyball, badminton and of course Squash (If I get the proper play area 😛 ), I am a fitness freak. I am kinda photogenic, fashionista and always ready to pose 🙂

There is still more to learn…….learning never ends.

I love to learn new things. I enjoy solving problems, so I am here with WordPress. I want to be a part of the WordPress community and looking forward to contributing.


Helping with NGO – MULTIDOTS foundation

We work together to help and support needy people with education, basic living needs. We visit them, and distribute clothes and with children school admissions study fees.

Life always gives us a chance, if you fail, then do not worry start again what you love. So I am starting my new challenge, a new beginning, a unique opportunity for WordPress. But, of course, don’t forget about hurdles and failure. “Roses has a thorn, but we still love to hold” Success is like Rose.🥀 We love to hold, but we must take care of thorns.

Facing challenges in life is always a part of success –

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. I choose to see each obstacle as an opportunity to grow. I just enjoy being myself!

I enjoy reading books; books are the best friends, are the source of motivation, inspiration, success and knowledge builder.

Doesn’t matter which book you read, important is, you need to start with your inspiration.

Which one do you like to read? Novel, Action, Comedy, Cartoon, Animation, Fantasy, Love, etc.

Reading books gives strength and drive us to achieve the goal. So I believe,

‘Never give up on your Goal.’

No matter what, try harder ten-times to reach your goal. If you want to change something; change your way instead of turning goal.

I like to share some exciting learning, facts and short stories which I feel fantastic to read besides our busy schedule. Read and relax.

My one of the most exciting topic, “Language“;

Recently, I learn and explore new languages, some greetings in French and Turkish.

Let me share with you some in French:

  • Bonjour (Hello)
  • Bienvenue (Welcome)
  • Salut (hi/bye)
  • mercy (Thank you)
  • bien (fine).

Ah! Great, you learned to say greetings in French today!

How do you like it? 🙂 Isn’t it interesting?

Let me know your comment below. I would be happy to hear.

Are you ready to learn more words? Coming Soon!

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