My Studio

This is all about my students and Me!

Welcome to my first Art Studio called “AKSA”. I have started this course to help kids to improve with their painting Skills and easy steps to follow, that I have learned so far. 

Organised a workshop for the kids was an amazing experience. There were 20+ students attended the workshops and happily work for 2 hours. I am so glad to see enthusiasm and commitments towards their interest.

The most amazing thing that i loved was, I have the smallest kid with age of 3 and a half year old, who really into the drawing and only wanted to study with me, thats a great feeling for any teacher in the world. 🙂 I am happy to be so special.

I do not have many pictures, but sharing few from the workshop.

Let me share my first studio that I have started from my Room, with 15 Students and their work. 🙂

Topic:- To create a new Indian Flag. Their idea, on Indian Flags and explain.
There is always a reason, and here, it helps students to think out of the box. The skills of true artist is when he thinks different from others. I am glad they created their own Indian Flags.

The next, after few months, I owned a location for my Studio. Official Studio with name and copyright, “AKSA”- Afsana’s Kreative Studio of Art. 🙂

Let’s see the glimpse from the Studio and students work.

Water Color Lover and a prize winner

My most adorable student who is literally a Water Color Lover. She always says to work with Water Colors only and she do great work too 😀

This Work is when she was only 4 years old 🙂

Competition Winner

AnHer recent work, and she is around 7 years old 🙂 Also won a first Prize in School Painting Competition.

When she come to my home and says, I only want to study from you.

My Proudest Moment

My painting was selected for National Competition, among the Indian Painting exhibition Gallery :)Pics from the Exhibition Gallery.

It was again an amazing experience, and I am so happy to be a part of this fab painting exhibitions.

Some of are my Stuff 🙂

My Painting EXPO

Where I meet many famous Artist from Gujarat and guest “Pratik Gandhi” from Gujarati Movie “Bey Yaar”

Another Exhibition

It was help in Rajkot, Gujarat. Where many Artists have participated and we got a chance to meet Real Prince of Rajkot. 🙂

I create something!!! 😀